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Abelian Technologies; is a dynamic, service-oriented enterprise, and is positioned to successfully respond to trends and changes in the information technology industry. Abelian’s client relationships are based on delivering the highest quality professional
technology consulting and development services. Abelian enjoys an excellent reputation as a proven resource for strategic planning, needs assessment, client/server programming, interactive multimedia design and Internet/web development services.

Abelian Technologies invests extensively to understand the customer business model and integrate in to the system for the benefit of our customers and to enable our customers to stay ahead in business.

 Abelian Technologies has a wide range of software products to cater to various industry verticals. Abelian Solutions also provides customized solutions to different business verticals. Staying abreast in this ever-changing field of Information Services makes us hard to replace when it comes to integration and maintenance of High-end servers, Desktops and peripherals etc.

Abelian Technologies has its corporate office located in the heart of Ernakulam city with good infrastructure and secure  communication links. Abelian Solutions clients small, medium and large companies operating in various business and service oriented

Our value added customer support has always been welcomed by one and all the customers. We believe to grow along with your growth.